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Embracing Sustainability: Our Supplier Pledges in Action

Step into the realm of Green Orbit Digital, where our commitment to sustainability is a living testament to our values. Beyond mere promises, we actively participate in initiatives that contribute to a healthier, fairer, and more sustainable world. Dive into the heart of our endeavours as we showcase the key initiatives we wholeheartedly support and demonstrate how our commitment takes shape through meaningful actions.

EcoSend: Cultivating Sustainability in Email Communication

Why We Use Them: EcoSend isn’t just an email marketing platform; it’s a commitment to restoring our planet. As the preferred choice for environmentally conscious communicators, EcoSend aligns seamlessly with our values. By choosing EcoSend, we embrace a platform that not only allows us to craft visually stunning emails with a rich template library but also empowers us to grow our audience through robust, eco-friendly email capture forms.

How We Use Them: Our utilization of EcoSend goes beyond traditional email marketing. With a focus on sustainability, we actively contribute to a greener web by supporting initiatives for renewable energy and reforestation worldwide. The EcoSend badge proudly showcases our commitment to the environment. Making the switch from tools like MailChimp is not just seamless; it’s a leap toward a more sustainable future. Moreover, our email signup forms, powered by EcoSend, not only drive business growth but also contribute to tree planting, aligning our lead generation with our dedication to environmental responsibility. Join us in cultivating sustainability in every email sent and tree planted.

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Krystal Hosting: Ethical Excellence in Web Hosting

Why We Use Them: At Green Orbit Digital, our choice of web hosting extends beyond performance – it’s about a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Founded in 2002 with a vision to provide an alternative to impersonal hosting giants, Krystal embodies our values of honesty, reliability, and a personalised touch. Choosing Krystal isn’t just a decision for premium web hosting; it’s a vote for fairness and environmental consciousness. Their dedication to being 100% green aligns seamlessly with our commitment to a healthier planet.

How We Use Them: Krystal’s fully optimised WordPress platform, coupled with expert management, ensures top-notch performance without compromising on eco-friendly principles. Making the switch to Krystal is not only a move towards superior hosting but also a contribution to sustainability. With Krystal’s unique Switch Credits, we receive credits for the unused time with our previous provider, making the transition smooth and cost-effective. Joining Krystal isn’t just a hosting choice; it’s a conscious step towards ethical excellence in the digital landscape.

Find out more about Krystal Hosting.

Stripe Climate: Transformative Carbon Removal for Business Growth

Why We Use Them: Stripe Climate offers a revolutionary solution for businesses looking to minimise their carbon footprint. As a forward-thinking company at Green Orbit Digital, we prioritise environmental responsibility, and Stripe Climate aligns perfectly with our values. By using Stripe Climate, we actively contribute to the advancement of permanent carbon removal technologies. Joining a league of ambitious businesses, we are committed to changing the trajectory of carbon removal while fostering innovation in Frontier’s portfolio.

How We Use Them: Stripe Climate provides an effortless pathway for businesses to remove carbon while expanding. In just a few clicks, we direct a percentage of our revenue to support early-stage carbon removal companies, propelling them from the laboratory to the field. This choice is ideal for businesses focused on catalysing the field and those not bound by a specific tonnage requirement to meet climate targets. As advocates for limiting global temperature increases and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, we recognise the urgent need for both reducing new emissions and removing existing carbon. Stripe Climate allows us to be part of this critical journey, contributing to a sustainable and resilient future.

Find out more about Stripe Climate.

Tide: Pioneering Net Zero Solutions in Fintech

Why We Use Them: Tide has taken a groundbreaking step in the fintech industry by being the first to eliminate 100% of its emissions using carbon removals. At Green Orbit Digital, we resonate with Tide’s commitment to sustainability, making them an ideal partner in our journey towards a greener future. Tide’s Net Zero Plan, outlined by CFO & Head of Net Zero, Ian Sutherland, encompasses bold pledges. Committing to remove 100% of emissions, reducing 90% of 2021 emissions per employee by 2030, and simplifying Net Zero for members, Tide sets a benchmark for environmentally conscious financial solutions.

How We Use Them: Tide’s commitment to Net Zero is not just a statement; it’s a set of actionable pledges that redefine the landscape of fintech sustainability. By choosing Tide, we actively contribute to the removal of 100% of emissions from 2022 onward, utilizing durable carbon removal solutions. Furthermore, Tide’s dedication to reducing emissions per employee by 90% by 2030 showcases a strategic approach to long-term sustainability. This reduction translates to a remarkable 97% decrease on a revenue basis, underlining Tide’s commitment to substantial and meaningful change. As Tide simplifies the Net Zero journey for its members, we embrace the opportunity to align our financial processes with a partner that shares our vision for a sustainable and responsible future.

Find out more about Tide.

DocuSign: Pioneering Sustainability in Digital Solutions

Why We Use Them: We proudly align ourselves with DocuSign, a trailblazer committed to driving positive environmental change. DocuSign’s endorsement of the Science Based Targets Initiative’s Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign signifies a commitment to ambitious goals. By pledging to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve science-based net-zero by 2050, DocuSign demonstrates a level of dedication that resonates with our values at Green Orbit Digital. Their focus on reducing emissions is not just a pledge; it’s a pioneering effort to set the highest standards for emissions reduction.

How We Use Them: DocuSign’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond words and into concrete actions. Their engagement in the Science Based Targets Initiative represents a dedication to the most ambitious emissions reduction goals in the short and long term. As they submit their plan for official validation, we witness a transparent commitment to accountability and progress. Moreover, DocuSign’s previous initiatives, like DocuSign for Forests, showcase a holistic approach. By strategically investing in high-quality REDD+ and Verra verified carbon offset projects, they not only prevent deforestation but actively contribute to reforestation efforts. As early adopters of carbon neutrality in 2022, DocuSign exemplifies a corporate responsibility that inspires our choice to utilize their digital solutions.

Find out more about Docusign.

Aviva Zero: Sustainable Travel, Responsible Insurance

Why We Use Them: Aviva Zero represents more than just car insurance; it’s a bold step towards sustainable travel in an era demanding climate consciousness. Green Orbit Digital prioritises partners who align with our commitment to reducing carbon footprints. Aviva Zero shines as a beacon of responsibility, offering 5-star Defaqto rated comprehensive car insurance while championing carbon neutrality. What makes Aviva Zero stand out is its dedication to offsetting carbon emissions, providing a solution for individuals who seek to balance convenience with environmental responsibility.

How We Use Them: Our journey with Aviva Zero begins by assessing the carbon emissions produced by our vehicle, considering the car model and yearly mileage. Aviva Zero takes the lead by offsetting the initial 1,000 miles of carbon emissions resulting from driving or charging throughout the policy year. This commitment isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a substantial move towards sustainability. While we prioritise public transport, acknowledging its minimal environmental impact, when we do need car insurance, we choose Aviva Zero for its eco-conscious approach. For the remaining miles, we have the option to pay and offset 50%, and Aviva Zero reinforces our dedication by matching our payment. The collaboration doesn’t just ensure insurance coverage; it actively contributes to offsetting carbon emissions, supporting projects that benefit both people and communities. Choosing Aviva Zero is not merely an insurance decision; it’s a conscientious choice for sustainable travel and a commitment to a greener future.

Find out more about Aviva Net Zero.

E.ON Next: Transforming Energy for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Why We Use Them: In our quest for sustainability, E.ON Next emerges as a pioneering force in reshaping the energy landscape. Choosing E.ON Next for our energy needs is a strategic decision that echoes our commitment to a greener tomorrow. The allure lies not just in a fixed tariff but in the guarantee of 100% renewable electricity. E.ON Next’s dedication to sourcing energy from renewable generation assets, UK wind generators, and the acquisition of renewable electricity certificates aligns seamlessly with our environmental ethos. This alignment of values propels our collaboration, making E.ON Next the natural choice for powering our operations sustainably.

How We Use Them: Our partnership with E.ON Next signifies more than a fixed tariff; it marks the infusion of sustainability into our daily operations. The electricity coursing through our virtual offices originates from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, independent UK wind generators, and renewable electricity certificates. Sourced from the National Grid and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), the electricity is a testament to E.ON Next’s commitment to supplying 100% renewable energy. As Green Orbit Digital operates within virtual realms, this conscious choice ensures that our carbon footprint remains minimal without compromising the seamless flow of our day-to-day operations. E.ON Next doesn’t just power our virtual spaces; it empowers our commitment to a sustainable future.

Plusnet: Redefining Remote Working with Renewable Energy

Why We Use Them: In the dynamic realm of remote working, Plusnet stands as a pivotal partner for Green Orbit Digital. At the core of our commitment to sustainability, Plusnet offers more than just a fixed tariff—it presents a transformative approach to energy consumption. The integration of 100% renewable electricity aligns seamlessly with our dedication to reducing carbon footprints. Plusnet’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sets a standard that resonates with our values. This partnership is not merely a utility choice; it’s a deliberate stride towards infusing sustainability into our virtual workspace.

How We Use Them: Our home office powered by Plusnet, enjoys the benefits of a fixed tariff coupled with the assurance of 100% renewable electricity. As Green Orbit Digital operates within the virtual landscape, the transition to renewable energy becomes an effortless way to minimise our carbon footprint. Plusnet sources electricity from renewable generation assets and independent UK wind generators, ensuring that every virtual operation is imbued with environmental responsibility. The electricity, derived from the National Grid and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), symbolizes a commitment to sustainable practices without compromising efficiency. The collaboration with Plusnet extends beyond a contractual association; it’s a strategic move to infuse our virtual workspaces with the ethos of renewable energy, making sustainability an integral part of our day-to-day operations.

Find out more about Plusnet.

Canva: Designing a Sustainable Tomorrow

Why We Use Them: Choosing Canva as our design ally is more than a creative decision; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. Canva stands as a beacon for bold climate action, aligning with our values of being a force for good. In the face of the urgent need to limit global warming to 1.5°C, Canva’s dedication to reducing emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 resonates deeply with our environmental aspirations. Their sustainability practices and goals mirror our own, making Canva not just a design platform but a partner in shaping a greener world.

How We Use Them: Canva’s impact on our designs goes beyond aesthetics; it extends into the realm of climate action. The platform’s Australian operations achieved carbon neutrality in 2020, and as of 2021, this commitment extends globally, covering print and subsidiaries. Going beyond net-zero, Canva’s focus on regeneration aligns seamlessly with our ethos. As we harness Canva’s strength to empower the world through design, we contribute to the healing of the planet. Canva’s extensive library of climate action templates, continuously expanding, allows us to amplify our environmental message creatively. In 2021 alone, the Earth Day templates were downloaded 3.1 million times, underscoring the impact of design in spreading awareness and inspiring action for a sustainable tomorrow.

Find out more about Canva’s …

As we embark on our journey towards a greener and more sustainable future, your input is invaluable. If you have any recommendations for eco-friendly suppliers that align with our commitment to sustainability, we would love to hear from you. Together, let’s continue fostering a community of conscious choices and environmentally responsible partnerships. Your suggestions play a crucial role in shaping a more sustainable path for Green Orbit Digital. Feel free to share your recommendations with us – let’s make a positive impact together.

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