Why Digital?

Digital Sustainability: Integrated in Every Aspect

At Green Orbit Digital, we don’t just leverage digital tools; we embrace digital sustainability as a fundamental principle embedded in every facet of our operations. In the evolving landscape of climate-conscious practices, our commitment to sustainability extends to the digital realm, recognising the physical implications of digital services.

The Physical Aspect of Digital Services

When we talk about digital services, it’s crucial to acknowledge their physical dimension. Contrary to the perception that digital activities are devoid of environmental impact, every online action, from browsing the internet to running digital campaigns, consumes energy and contributes to a carbon footprint. This realisation became evident to us in early 2023, prompting our pursuit of the INCO Academy Green Digital Skills Certificate. It marked the turning point where we recognised the tangible environmental implications of our digital footprint.

Internet’s Environmental Impact: A Global Concern

The internet, if treated as a standalone country, would rank as the world’s sixth-largest polluter. This staggering fact emphasises the significance of understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of digital activities. Green Orbit Digital not only acknowledges this reality but actively works towards reshaping the narrative by pioneering digital sustainability practices.

Sustainability in the Space Sector

In the summer of 2023, sustainability took center stage in the space industry. This revelation prompted contemplation, leading to the inception of Green Orbit Digital in October 2023. As pioneers in digital sustainability within the space sector, we have committed ourselves to harnessing the capabilities of space technologies for informed policy-making through scientific data. Digital sustainability has become the heartbeat of our agency, driving our mission to align with the sustainability agenda of the space industry.

The Power of Digital: Informed Impact, Measurable Insights

Our allegiance to digital sustainability isn’t just about what we avoid; it’s about what we actively embrace. We have opted not to engage in print publishing, recognising the potency of digital platforms to disseminate information, measure impact, and provide actionable insights. We firmly believe that digital tools offer a powerful mechanism to better inform and create tangible, measurable impacts in the world.

Pioneering Digital Sustainability in the Space Sector

As pioneers in the field of digital sustainability within the space sector, Green Orbit Digital stands at the forefront of driving change. Our suite of services and resources is designed to catalyze the reduction of digital emissions worldwide. Through strategic initiatives, innovative approaches, and a commitment to sustainability, we’re shaping a future where digital and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Join us in the digital sustainability revolution. Let’s make every click count toward a greener, more sustainable world.

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